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RAW:Artists is an amazing group that travels the world supporting local artists and their endeavors. RAW:Seattle invited Beth Terwilleger, the gray to perform an excerpt from The Midsummer at the next event in Seattle.

Come see a sneak peak of the work as well as many other featured artists at the event. Half of the proceeds from ticket sales come back to us so please book online through our profile! Your support is greatly appreciated and we hope to see you there!

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Workshop/Audition : Character Development & Emotional Embodiment in Dance
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Workshop/Audition : Character Development & Emotional Embodiment in Dance

The focus of this workshop will be on artistic/dance expression through character development and emotional embodiment.  The dancers will be lead through an improvisational warmup to get both the body and the mind prepared. During the rest of the time, movement expression and exploration will occur along with the development of a character within that movement.  We will learn movement phrases and develop characters out of them while allowing those characters to influence both the movement and the emotion behind them. Character interaction will allow for an even further dive into the emotional depth of what it means to embody an idea or being, and also what it means to share it with the audience.  

The workshop is also an opportunity for Beth to hire dancers for her upcoming project: The None.  The None is an immersive storytelling piece that shares the characters, along with their stories, with the audience while enhancing the experience through technological elements.  The purpose of the work is to capture the audience’s attention through emotion and mystery and to inspire them long after they walk out of the theater. It is also an opportunity to give dancers a rich experience where their emotional voices can be share and heard.

Beth is looking for strong, generous dancers who are fearlessly creative and open to developing as artists.  The rehearsals for the piece will begin in early August and will continue until the show in the Fall at Velocity (date TBA).  There is flexibility in schedule and availability with rehearsals and it is all paid work (hourly for rehearsal and performance time).  There are spots for ten dancers, a mix of male and female, and all styles and types of dancers are encouraged to attend.

Note: This workshop is not just for those who are looking for work or for professional dancers, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Those who are interested in auditioning for The None will just fill out a form before the class to express their interest.


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