Audition: The Gray
12:00 PM12:00

Audition: The Gray

Photo: Stefano Altamura, Salt Photography; Dancers: Jim Kent and Melissa Sanderson

Photo: Stefano Altamura, Salt Photography; Dancers: Jim Kent and Melissa Sanderson

Audition: The Gray 2019

The Gray is excited to announce upcoming auditions for their 2019 season! This is a free and open audition for professional dancers.

Date and Time
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Registration begins at 11:30
Audition 12-2pm

YAW Theater
6520 5th Ave S Seattle, WA 98108

This audition is being held to cast two new works choreographed by Beth Terwilleger in 2019. Beth is looking for a diverse group of dancers with strengths in technical dance ability, musicality, character development, and stage presence. This audition will be run similar to a rehearsal with Beth observing the level of fearlessness and creativity dancers bring to the table. An openness to discomfort and growth is a necessity when working in her pieces and she is looking for dancers who are ready to take on these challenges.

Please arrive warm and ready to dance!

**Please note!: There is a fantastic class taking place right before the audition at YAW from 10-11:30. It is a post-ballet technique class taught by Coriolis co-director and choreographer Christin Call and would be the perfect complementary warm up to the audition.

Upcoming Show Details

The 9 Lives, March 29-31, 2019
(11 dancers)
This piece will be a part of a mixed rep evening at Base. It will follow the story and characters of Nine Lives, a science fiction short story by Ursula K. Le Guin.

The Hypothesis, May 31 - June 2, 2019
(5 dancers)
This piece will explore five different characters of five different works from the classical ballet world. It will involve a re-telling of each character from a different perspective, giving them and the audience a new narrative to connect with.

Rehearsal Details
Rehearsals will generally take place Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30-2:30 at YAW in Georgetown with some amount of flexibility. Please do not hesitate to ask about flexibility around scheduling!

All dancers will receive financial compensation for their work with The Gray.

Attending the audition is encouraged, but if you are unable to make it video submissions are accepted. Please send audition video, resume, and any questions to

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The Bridge Project: The Cafe
to Feb 3

The Bridge Project: The Cafe

The Bridge Project is a program curated by Velocity Dance Center that focuses on supporting choreographers who are new to Seattle. The creation of a new piece by each of the three choreographers is done in a condensed time of three weeks and culminates in four evenings of performances.

The Cafe is an exploration of judgements in our culture, whether they facilitate growth or cause deep harm. It researches the merging of public scenarios with our most intimate moments in hopes of allowing the audience to feel they are welcome in this dance world.


Image: Stefano Altamura, Salt Photography; Dancer: Elizabeth Houlton

Image: Stefano Altamura, Salt Photography; Dancer: Elizabeth Houlton

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Workshop/Audition : Character Development & Emotional Embodiment in Dance
2:00 PM14:00

Workshop/Audition : Character Development & Emotional Embodiment in Dance

The focus of this workshop will be on artistic/dance expression through character development and emotional embodiment.  The dancers will be lead through an improvisational warmup to get both the body and the mind prepared. During the rest of the time, movement expression and exploration will occur along with the development of a character within that movement.  We will learn movement phrases and develop characters out of them while allowing those characters to influence both the movement and the emotion behind them. Character interaction will allow for an even further dive into the emotional depth of what it means to embody an idea or being, and also what it means to share it with the audience.  

The workshop is also an opportunity for Beth to hire dancers for her upcoming project: The None.  The None is an immersive storytelling piece that shares the characters, along with their stories, with the audience while enhancing the experience through technological elements.  The purpose of the work is to capture the audience’s attention through emotion and mystery and to inspire them long after they walk out of the theater. It is also an opportunity to give dancers a rich experience where their emotional voices can be share and heard.

Beth is looking for strong, generous dancers who are fearlessly creative and open to developing as artists.  The rehearsals for the piece will begin in early August and will continue until the show in the Fall at Velocity (date TBA).  There is flexibility in schedule and availability with rehearsals and it is all paid work (hourly for rehearsal and performance time).  There are spots for ten dancers, a mix of male and female, and all styles and types of dancers are encouraged to attend.

Note: This workshop is not just for those who are looking for work or for professional dancers, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Those who are interested in auditioning for The None will just fill out a form before the class to express their interest.


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